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Applicants must have the title of bachelor, master, engineering or equivalent degree or any foreign document which is an equivalent of the degrees mentioned above. Candidates have to present an English language Certificate Level B2.

Candidates should possess general knowledge on African languages and cultures, and be aware of the cultural and linguistic diversity of the continent. Candidates should also be open to new challenges, willing to learn and understand the cultural specificity of Africa and its impact on society and politics, and demonstrate the ability to think critically.

Admission criteria

Admission for the first year of the second cycle of studies can be granted to candidates holding the title of bachelor, master, engineering degree or equivalents. The presented diploma should be issued by the university having the accreditation of the Polish Ministry of Education.

The qualification procedure will take into consideration:

  1. the student’s final diploma result score,
  2. an interview.

The scoring process:

A candidate can gain up to 100 points during the qualification procedure:

  1. final diploma result score (up to 40 points awarded)
  • excellent – 40 points
  • good plus (4+) – 37 points
  • good (4) – 34 points
  • satisfactory plus (3+) – 29 points
  • satisfactory (3) – 24 points

2. an interview (up to 60 points)

During the admission process, an interview will be conducted, during which the general knowledge of African cultures and languages ​​will be assessed (there is one general question about the candidate’s interests, one about a reading and its critical assessment, one about the current events in Africa). The questions will be assessed with 0 to 20 marks.

List of topics for the interview.

Recommended interview readings.

A candidate interested in learning an African language at an advanced level should certify the knowledge of the language at least at A2 level (e.g. a bachelor’s degree in African studies, certificate of completion of a language course, etc.).

In order to apply, please visit the Internet Recruitment of Candidates website: https://irk.uw.edu.pl/en-gb/offer/PELNE2022/.