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Hanna Rubinkowska-Anioł, Ph.D. Habil.

List of publications


Research areas:

History of modern Ethiopia, especially the Ethiopian political culture; the symbolism and legitimisation of power from the end of the 19th century to today; iconographic representations of power


Academic degrees:

1997, M.A. in Cultural Studies, University of Warsaw, specializing in African Studies – Ethiopian Studies. Title of the master’s thesis: ‟Haile Sillasie’s Life and Reign in Light of Ethiopian and Euro-American historiography”. Thesis written under the supervision of Professor Dr Hab. Joanna Mantel-Niećko

2005, PhD in History from the Faculty of History, University of Warsaw. Title of the doctoral dissertation: ‟The Reign of Zewditu, the Empress of Ethiopia, from 1916 to 1930”. Dissertation written under the supervision of Professor Dr Hab. Bronisław Nowak

2017, Habilitation in history (Polish Academy of Science)


Functions and activities:

Member of the International Organizing Committee International Conferences of Ethiopian Studies

Vice-President of the Board of the Society of Polish Africanists

Vice-President of the Board of the Polish Institute of World Art Studies


Ongoing projects:

 Member of Archeoriental Studies research group (IDUB)



History of Africa, history of Ethiopia, international relations in Africa, social and political problems of African & Horn of Africa